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Malt is the perfect marketplace for freelancing in the knowledge economy

  • Not a job board - no battle forcing you to offer the lowest possible rate
  • Not an agency - clients come to you
  • Save time with automated administration and get paid within 72 hours
  • Use Malt completely free of costs
  • Join a strong freelance community with free events, webinars, and more
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Save time. Earn more.

Built for freelancers

Malt is built with you in mind. We focus on a user friendly interface and tools that save you time and help you focus on doing what you love.

Better rates

Clients approach an average of 2.7 freelancers per project. This creates a greater focus on skill and quality, which frequently leads to more fair (and higher) rates for you.

Fair and transparent

We empower you to negotiate directly with the client. We don't fix your rate and we don't sneak extra costs in that you don't know about. Malt is completely free of cost for you to use!

More than 60.000 clients. More choice. More freedom for you.

From sign up to payment, Malt always has your back

A simple and secure service

Simple profile creation

It's easy to create a freelance profile that will catch the eye of thousands of potential clients.

Incredible time savings

Administrative tasks are made simple with Malt, from editing quotes with just a few clicks to sending clients invoices automatically.

Super fast payments

No longer wait forever to get paid once a project has been completed. Payments are always released directly to your bank account within 72 hours.

Peace of mind

All Malt projects are insured by AXA. For anything else you might need, our friendly support team is always ready to help.

Your projects are insured up to 20M€

Being a Malter has its perks


Exclusive benefits

We'll soon be launching a special partner page featuring offers from Malt-verified partners that can help you with insurance, accounting, training, and more!


Learn together

Read helpful articles, join webinars, and participate in Malt network events. At Malt we work to make sure that you feel like a part of a greater community.


Contact our community team!

Do you have questions about Malt and/or how you can get the most out of it? Send us an email and we'll contact you ASAP.