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Freelancer code of conduct
Created by freelancers for freelancers, Malt was designed to be a true community platform from the very beginning: one where everyone on it has a unique opportunity to build their businesses and grow their reputation in the best way they know how. However, for this approach to be successful, our members must be committed to our core values and hold themselves to the highest degree of professionalism.
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1. Create an honest and accurate profile

I agree to provide true and accurate information regarding my identity, location, legal status, availability, skills, and experience. A precise and detailed description is what attracts clients to my profile and also helps contribute to the success of my projects.
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2. Work with a true sense of professionalism

I agree to respond quickly to the project proposals I receive, fulfill my professional commitments, and deliver the highest quality work possible, all while ensuring clear transparent communication at all times. Doing so not only contributes to my reputation but also to the reputation of all freelancers on Malt!
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3. Respect the privilege of direct relationships

The sub-contracting or employment agency model has no place on Malt. I agree to carry out the projects that my clients have hired me for by myself in order to maintain and guarantee a direct, transparent, and trustworthy relationship with them.
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4. Carry out my projects on Malt

Malt puts you in direct contact with new clients. As such, I agree to carry out my projects with these clients solely via Malt. This is the key to increasing my visibility, both on the platform and in search results, as well as developing my professional reputation, so I can gradually increase my daily rate over time.
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5. Leave honest client feedback

I agree to leave honest, courteous, and professional feedback that only represents the work done on my projects. If I need to report anything for any reason, I will reach out to the Malt team immediately to do so.
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6. Choose my projects for the right reasons

I agree to accept projects regardless of my clients' gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, health status, or familial situation. Freelancers and clients work together to drive the success of their projects on Malt. Only professional criteria may be considered when choosing who to work with or what projects to work on.