Tips & Best practices


The Complete Guide to Onboarding Freelancers (4 steps)

Hiring a Freelancer? Discover 4 steps you should follow to make your freelancer onboarding a success. Onboarding helps both of you work more effectively!

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Apr 12, 20225 min

My profile is complete, what more can I do to boost my exposure ?

Your profile is complete and accessible to project owners. Follow the guide, we have some advice for you !

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Aug 22, 20225 min
three people working  together

How to find and hire the right freelancer in less than a week?

When hiring a freelancer, it’s vital to create a simple and streamlined freelance selection process. Here are four steps to quickly select the right freelancer.

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Jul 22, 20224 min

Our latest series: the Free Experts


How to make technical topics accessible with quality content

Renée Zachariou, a freelancer on Malt, works with technical experts to make their organizations expertise digestible and understandable

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May 25, 20225 min
view of article from social media expert Kevin Bucher

What is the best strategy to optimize lead generation?

Kévin Bucher, freelancer on Malt, shares his expert insights on Facebook and Native ads

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May 10, 2022
view of article of Françoise Terrenes on customer experience

Why Customer Experience is all the more important in 2022

Malt freelancer, Francoise Terrenes, shares her expert insights

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Apr 19, 2022

Ebooks & Studies

couverture de l'ebook "Comment constituer une équipe au service de vos ambitions"

A Digital Leader's Guide to Building an A-Team.

And why freelancers should be in the mix.

Having trouble finding top-quality tech and digital people? Unsure how to best include freelancers in your teams and on your projects? This ebook is for you!

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Jun 30, 202212 min
screenshots of freelancing in Europe study by Malt & BCG

Freelancing in Europe 2022: study by Malt & BCG sheds light on the state of the European Freelancing market

We surveyed 3,334 freelancers across Germany, France and Spain to uncover the state of freelancing in 2022 and the impact of the pandemic.

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Feb 8, 202215 min
visual for the guide of companies and freelancers collaboration

Companies are from Mars, Freelancers are from Venus

Discover our in-depth guide with tips and feedback from our users for a successful relationship between freelancers and companies.

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Nov 17, 202112 min